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Medium Walnut Pieces

Walnuts, Medium Pieces

$ 22.50

Combination Medium Pieces, California.

Walnuts grow on a category of trees referred to as Juglans.  Picked green, the nut is often pickled.  It is loaded with nutrients and is high in protein and essential fatty acids. Two types of walnuts are grown commercially- the English walnut and the black walnut, the latter being less common commercially because of an extremely hard outer shell.  Walnuts are grown worldwide with the United States being the second largest producer behind China.  Over 95% of US commercial English walnuts are California grown, primarily in the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys.   

We offer combination medium pieces directly from the walnut rich growing areas of California. Store shelled walnuts in a cool, dry environment, otherwise, they are susceptible to insects and fungal mold.


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