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Pine Nuts

Pine Nuts

$ 75.00

Russia, 950 count.


Pine nuts are seeds from over twenty species of pine trees growing worldwide.  Pine nuts harvested in the United States, primarily in New Mexico and Arizona,  are referred to as piñon nuts while those hulled from nuts in Italy are most often called pignolias.  Historical account of harvesting pignolias date back over 5,000 years.  There are a number of species indigenous to China, Russia and Korea.  In the United States, piñon nuts are commercially harvested by Native Americans who have used them in cooking for many generations.

Pine nuts are commonly used in cooking recipes from a wide range of regions worldwide.  Italian pestos often call for pignolias, whereas they are also used in Middle Eastern deserts, Asian salads and multiple American dishes.  Pignolias are slender with a homogeneous color while the Asian crop is rounded and is commercially available in multiple size categories.  Although Southwestern piñons are commercially harvested, we are unaware of them being shelled on a large scale.  They are mostly sold retail and people pop them in their mouths and miraculously shell them individually.

For resale, pine nuts are commercially available in three sizes, large (650ct.), medium (950ct.) and small (1200ct.).  In our estimation, the large pine nuts tend to be a bit bland while the smaller ones hold a more distinctive “piney” taste profile.

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