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Fancy Pecan Halves

Pecan, Fancy Junior Mammoth Halves

$ 42.00

Product of the USA

Native to Mexico and southeastern and south central United States, pecan trees are a subset of the hickory tree.   A pecan is not a true nut, but a drupe, a husk which surrounds a single fruit or nut.  They can grow over 125 feet in height and reach a diameter of almost 75 feet.   With a rich and buttery flavor, they are consumed fresh or often in desserts and candies.  

Historic accounts indicate pecans were consumed by Native American Indians for centuries before being introduced to Spaniards who migrated north from Mexico in the 15th century.  Pecans provide a good source of protein and vitamins- particularly vitamin C and iron.  Pecan trees are grown domestically with the United States producing approximately 80 per cent of the world’s crop.  Georgia is the top producing state followed by New Mexico and Texas. 

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