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Dried Cranberries

Cranberries, Dried

$ 79.00

Cranberries are grown on evergreen short shrubs in acidic bogs throughout northern North America, the high, cool latitudes of Europe and in Chile.  The fruit of the cranberry bush is a berry larger than its leaves, commonly pollinated by bees.  Because of their high antioxidant and other nutritional qualities, cranberries are considered very good for your health.  They are processed into jams, tasty juices, sauce eaten with Thanksgiving turkey and often dried with sugar added.

Early American settlers from Europe found abundant cranberries, a staple of the Native American population for centuries.  Although requiring a lot of water for proper cultivation, cranberries grow best when there are periods where the soil dries out completely.  Originally harvested by hand, mechanical harvesting separates the fruit from the bush and then the fruit, which floats on the surface of the water and is corralled for easy removal from the water.

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