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Whole Black Pepper

Black Pepper, Whole

$ 31.00

Black pepper comes from a drupe, or in layman’s terms, a fleshy outer cover surrounds a hard shell containing the actual pepper. The drupes grow like strings hanging from a plant which can reach 12 feet in height.  Commercially grown, they produce fruit after five years and typically yield fruit for six or seven years.  Pepper is grown in well drained organically rich soil, generally at lower elevation.

Black pepper is the dried unripe fruit while white pepper is the dried ripe fruit.  Red and green pepper are also cultivated commercially.  Peppercorn refers to the dried fruit.  Native to India, pepper has a long, ancient history as a flavoring and in references for medicinal uses.  Black pepper is the world’s most traded spice and is used in all countries often in conjunction with salt….Golly, salt and pepper?  Vietnam is the world’s largest producing country, followed by Indonesia, India and Brazil.

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